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Nommin’ Out: Wok and Roll

16 Oct

Wok n Roll

IT’S SUSHI WEDNESDAY!!! Or at least it should be.

Last Friday night I enjoyed my favorite sushi so far in the city- Wok and Roll Restaurant in Chinatown.  This place is smushed in between several other Chinese/Japanese combo restaurants directly around the corner from the Chinatown metro, just waiting for you to take a chance and stroll in.  The restaurant is a decent size with a bunch of round tables to accommodate bigger parties, such as last week’s two groups of Sake-bombing 20 somethings having the time of their life and simultaneously making me jump with every table BANG (no judgement- been there).  While appreciative of the ruckus, I needed to ignore the distraction and concentrate on the ENORMOUS menu in front of me. I couldn’t even deal with the Chinese menu and went right to the Sushi list- featuring appetizers, Nigri sushi, Sashimi, your standard rolls (such as Salmon and California), Spicy Rolls, and an extensive list of Specialty Rolls, the section in which my propensity for decisiveness meets a worthy challenge.  It’s no shock that the specialty rolls are pricey.  However, there are a handful under $10 that, begrudgingly, is not the common practice at DC sushi restaurants.  One roomie gambled on the costly Hawaiian Roll (pictured, top), which was everyone’s favorite and decidedly worth it.  The other decided on the Garden Roll- not on the standard menu but instead among yet another sea of options on an additional table pamphlet (pictured, bottom left).   I went with the colorful Rainbow Roll to fill my daily  omega-3 quota, along with the Shrimp Tempura roll (pictured, bottom right).  And guess what? THEY DELIVER! $15 minimum anytime between 11am and 10:30pm Monday through Thursday and Sunday, but until 12:45am on Friday and Saturday!! Get your late night nosh on.  Or at a normal time tonight. Whatever works.

More fun things to note: They have a Sake Bar, Karaoke, and a Happy Hour from 5-8pm Monday through Friday.


Additional location: 2400 18th St NW in Adams Morgan


Nommin’ Out: Stoney’s DC

25 Sep


Yes, it’s finally happening… an AMAZING BAR FOOD POST !! Stoney’s, a small pub on 14th street, is a self-proclaimed “Boss of Sauce” and has been serving some of the best bar food in DC since 1968. Stoney’s restaurant hours are some of the most convenient around- open Sunday – Thursday: 11am-2am, Friday & Saturday: 11am-3am, and Brunch: Saturday and Sunday, 11am-3pm.  One of the reasons I keep going back to Stoney’s is they serve literally the best tuna melt I’ve ever had in my life (pictured, bottom).  The top picture is the Reuben sandwich, also delicious and lookin’ all sexy smothered in Russian dressing.  Both use buttery bread expertly toasted to a golden brown (can you tell I’m currently salivating?). Sandwiches come standard with potato salad, but ask for a side salad or golden fries for only $1 more.  Stoney’s has a casual bar atmosphere with desired sports playing on several TVs, as well as a few sidewalk tables to certainly take advantage of on these gorgeous early-fall evenings.  Snag a hightop table next Sunday and get comfortable.  Also, wear some stretchy pants.


Nommin’ Out: El Centro

13 Sep


El Centro on 14th Street NW is a mexican gem.  A DC happy hour favorite, this two story restaurant also has brunch and late night menus available.  The second story is a funky rooftop, a great meetup spot now that it’s September and not a bazillion degrees outside (hopefully?). I have only been for the happy hour- mostly due to $4 house margaritas and $6 guacamole, which they make in front of you.  There are however a plethora of other options.  The happy hours drinks include several types of bottled beer, house wine, margaritas and sangria, available from 5-7pm nightly.  The food happy hour options are extended, including 2 tacos for $6, available from 5-9pm nightly.  Pictured above are the Duck Alambre tacos, which while not on the happy hour taco menu, are definitely worth the $13.95.  Topped with cotija cheese and roasted corn, the taco trio comes with mexican rice and refried beans, SUPER filling!  The duck is definitely a stronger flavor and I only advise it to those who know they like it.  I’ve also had the Grilled Steak tacos, which are available on the happy hour menu and satisfy meat cravings without overwhelming with a specific flavor.

In conclusion, the bartenders are enthusiastic, the food is yummy and affordable, and the happy hour drink options are plentiful.  Snatch a rooftop bar stool and see where the wind blows you….

Nommin’ Out: The Dickson

6 Aug

Photo (11)


A discreet multi-level building with almost no signage, the Dickson Wine Bar is a gem to add to your happy hour musings.  Located on 9th and U St, it’s small with a super cool interior.  The walls are lined with hundreds of dark green, blue, and brown recycled wine bottles, and the cozy bar level has cute high top tables that fit parties of four.  I sat in the bar along the window on one of several high top seats, allowing for sidewalk views and a direct line of vision to Nellie’s Sports Bar (sidewalk stalking may or may not be a blog motif).  Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 5-7pm, and boasts $5 house wines (red, white, & sparkling) and select brews.  Pictured above is an appetizer from their dinner menu: $6 carrot dip with capers and feta, served with warm bread.  This was the perfect accompaniment to my house white wine, and the ideal size for a twosome.  And speaking of twosomes, the Dickson is a GREAT date place.  You can pick a level depending on your desired surroundings (i.e. bar level you will be sitting 10 inches from the next couple, whereas the top level is a bit more spread out) and its dark with great aesthetics.  Snag a companion and get there!

Nommin’ Out: Ulah Bistro on U Street

2 Aug



So recently us DC dwellers have been getting lucky with the evening weather.  No brow-beating sun, a nice little breeze, cool enough to actually wear the occasional pant.  To take advantage, my roommate and I decided to dine outside on U street.  We walked the few blocks from our house and settled on Ulah Bistro, where I have had brunch before but never dinner.  We sat near the sidewalk to easily/obviously people-watch while we chatted over a Moscow Mule.  These drinks are DELICIOUS, an absolute must summer cocktail.  Starving, we glanced at the appetizers and immediately tunnel-visioned to the Crab and Artichoke dip, because duh.  It arrived, and was basically a bowl of molten cheese with some think slices of bread to accompany it.  Don’t get me wrong- I love my cheese.  I eat more cheese in one day that is probably doctor-recommended.  However, I ordered CRAB and ARTICHOKE dip, not melted string cheese and parsley that would promptly fill me up before my entree arrived.  For $10, not great.   My dining experience wasn’t too deterred though; Ulah made up for the app with a delicious salmon Caesar salad.  My roomie got the fried chicken sandwich with duck fat fries (extra $2).  Those things… I die.  My advice: skip the pricey appetizer list and order an extra  cocktail and a side of Duck Fat fries for the table, or ideally just for yourself.  Trust me, you’re worth it.

Check out the menu here: http://ulahbistro.com/pdf/dinner.pdf

Nommin’ Out: Tonic Restaurant in Foggy Bottom

21 Jul

Tonic Restaurant and Bar

There were many reasons to celebrate last Friday.  1) I, along with 17 other peers, graduated from a two-year federal career program. 2) My New Yorker bestie, and fellow coworker, was in town, and 3) TGIF.  Our program managers opted to have our lunch celebration at Tonic, a casual, reasonably-priced gem in Foggy Bottom.  Standing three stories tall, the restaurant was originally opened in 1891 as a pharmacy named Quigely’s. Tonic has preserved the building’s historic memory with the tagline “Cure what ails you”, which is a perfectly apt description of the rich menu and friendly service.

Upon arriving with a reservation for 23 people, we were promptly escorted to a section on the second floor featuring small tables and long wooden benches.  Each bench is given several cups of multi-colored crayons to help adorn the already-rainbowed exposed brick wall.  Our waitress was friendly and patient as we all perused a diverse menu.  I settled on the Old Bay Salmon Burger ($13), which came with either a mesclun salad or a healthy portion of tater tots.  My peers ordered other burgers and sandwiches, all of which were enormous and absolutely delicious.  This restaurant is a must for a casual lunch, and I hear they also have a nommable brunch menu!

Nommin’ Out: Tortilla Coast

9 Jun


Last Friday, a very good friend flew in from out of town.  We decided to celebrate and indulge in a serious hankering for Mexican food. A big group of us chose Tortilla Coast in Logan Circle, conveniently located on the corner of 15th and P street. I always get nervous going out for Mexican; a guacamole appetizer is a must and margaritas usually veer toward the pricier end, making the meal hardly a cheap event. Tortilla Coast was a pleasant surprise. We managed to get there before the happy hour ended at 7:30 (happy hours that end past 7pm are hard to come by) and enjoy a delicious $5 margarita.  Guacamole was of course ordered, followed closely by sizzling Chicken fajitas.  For less than $14, I had sliced chicken breasts, grilled veggies, warm tortilla wraps, and rice.  There was more than enough for me to share with my friends around the table, who were also enjoying their meal decisions.  My total bill was $30, including the fajitas and several margs, not bad for a meal out in the District.

Check it out:


Locations in Logan Circle and Capitol Hill


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