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Snowday Steak Marinade & Baked Sriracha Cauliflower

18 Feb

Hello again! Apologies for the recent winter hiatus, and for all you fellow DC residents- Happy Snow Day! On days like these I get to work from home, which simultaneously enables me to spend my lunch  break in my own kitchen.  A perfect use of this lucky situation of mine is a marinade… I can mix it up in the morning, let it sit all day, and it will  be ready by the work day’s end!  I’ve come across many a steak marinade recipe on different food blogs and in various food magazines and cookbooks.  I decided to whip up one of my own, hopefully following my self-declared “culinary instincts”.   I chose an oil base, the typical salt and pepper (but more delicious versions), herbs, and some spice.  Below are Trader Joe’s lemon pepper, rosemary, black truffle sea salt, thyme, and crushed red pepper flakes.  Not pictured is garlic, which is a definite must. Mix together in a bowl of olive oil to taste.   Self-made steak marinade Put your steak tips (or any red meat/chicken) in a plastic bag.  Dump in the marinade, thoroughly massage with the steak, and seal.  Put in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours. Self made steak marinade self-made steak marinade Toss in a pan with some butter to sear both sides. After searing each side for roughly 2 minutes, finish in the oven (set to 350) for 10 minutes or until cooked to desired temperature. self-made steak marinade And now, what to pair it with?! I suggest one of my bestie’s go-to recipes- baked sriracha cauliflower! Break up cauliflower florets and place in baking pan.  Add a can of chickpeas, drained.  Combine sriracha, olive oil and white wine vinegar in a bowl.  Drizzle the sriracha mixture into pan and thoroughly coat the cauliflower and chickpeas.  When asked for specifications, my lovely friend stated verbatim “Umm I eyeball it. Most olive oil. Splash of vinegar. Hot to taste. (I like it hot hot hot). Bake 400 degrees for 40 minutes tossing once.”  Welp, there ya go! Sriracha Cauliflower Apologies for not having a finished picture of the meal, but just imagine how yummy it is 🙂

Nommin’ Out: Medium Rare

6 Nov

My carnivorous people, pay attention. Medium Rare restaurant, originally started in the Cleveland Park metro area of DC, has expanded to Barracks Row in Eastern Market! My coworker, a staunch Arlington-dweller, mentioned that I need to make it a priority on my restaurant list, and a DC recommendation from him is a big deal.  I shared my desire with a fellow steak lover, and made it a dinner stop this week.  Let me break it down for ya: they serve one thing for dinner only.  Its a $19.75 pre-fixed menu of rustic bread, garden salad, and special-sauce covered steak with hand-cut fries cooked to perfection just the way you like it.  The best part? They serve the steak and fries to you TWICE. Your dinner comes in two parts to ensure the steak and fries stay warm and amazing, #thoughtful.  Paired with a $30 bottle of red wine and I was a happy camper!

Medium RareDC

Steak Bites + Grilled Caesar Salad

6 Jun


So I just moved to a new townhouse and convinced the parentals to fund the acquisition of a grill for our outside deck.  Be warned: I will feature grill recipes well into October.  That being said, I have wanted to learn how to grill salad since I had delicious Caesar rendition at Rustico in Ballston, VA.  It is SO EASY. and cheap. Duh.

Ingredients for Salad:

-a full packet of hearts of romaine lettuce (this will run you about $3)

-for the dressing: Olive oil, dijon mustard, parmesan cheese ($3 ish), minced garlic, lemon juice. You probably have some of these ingredients laying around already, and you only need a smidge of each.  If you have to purchase everything, it’ll be a little less than $10.

Salad Directions:

-heat the grill to Medium flame.  Lightly coat both sides of full romaine leaves and spread out evenly on grill.  Grill until start to wilt or start to get grill marks.  Flip over for like 30 seconds and remove from grill.

-in a blender, combine 1/2 cup olive oil, 1 tbsp dijon mustard, 1 tbsp minced garlic, 1 tbsp lemon juice, and a bunch of freshly grated parmesan cheese.  Feel free to alter the ratios; I don’t really believe in measuring.  Pulse until blended.

Steak Bites Ingredients:

-package of Angus Beef steak bites.  I purchased mine for $4.99 at Target.  Another warning: this meat is not organic, “happy cow”, or anything of the like.  I like meat so I buy it and don’t ask many questions.  Obviously feel free to splurge on a meat selection of your choice.  I chose my package because of the price/quantity factor.

-Any grill seasoning, secret personal seasoning, minced garlic, or a combination thereof.

-Directions: Grill in a grill-pan on high heat; cook to desired temperature.

You’re done.  You spent a MAXIMUM of $15.  A full package of romaine should feed 2-3 people, and the package of steak bites is actually 3.5 servings.  Pat yourself on the back.


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