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Ode to the Killer Egg Sandwich

4 Sep

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Apologies for the blog hiatus, but happy post-Labor day everyone! I hope you all were able to enjoy an awesome long weekend.  I for one had the privilege of attending Budweiser’s Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, during which Beyonce and several others officially rocked my world.  Upon returning to the District, my next point of focus was what I could eat- something both delicious and nutritious to refuel the bod.  My immediate decision: the Killer Egg Sandwich.  This has been an evolving creation over the past few years, and is such a nommy staple that my roommate decided there had to be a “Killer” in the title.  Perfect for any time of day, all you need is an egg, bread/english muffin, and whatever else you wanna nosh on.  The following haiku duo (yes, instructional poetry) outlines the ensemble of my favorite version of the Killer Egg (pictured):

Need English muffin,

Salsa adds a spicy twist.

Fry that egg with cheese!


Time to compile,

Avocado is your friend.

Get in my belly!


Additional tip: Spread your favorite flavor of Laughing Cow cheese (approx $3 for the wheel) on the inside of both English muffin slices for an added flavor layer.  My go-to is Garlic & Herb- a zesty surprise.



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