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Easy Oreo-Stuffed Brownies

15 Oct

Okay, so I’m a day late, but Happy National Dessert Day!! Unfortunately for me, I was bumbling about my day unaware of the monumental occasion that is National Dessert Day. Thank goodness I have a tool like Instagram to stalk other people and remind me about what I miss.  I already had this recipe and pictures handy, as I recently lost in Fantasy Football (sigh) and made these treats for my whole office.  They were an absolute hit, and I’ve had many requests that I continue my losing streak.  You only need a box of brownie mix (and the ingredients that are noted on it- i.e. one egg and some vegetable oil) and your choice of Oreo packages! SO cheap and SO easy.  My favorite are the Birthday Cake as I’m slightly obsessed with all things funfetti, however feel free to substitute with just plain Double Stuffed (an unbeatable classic) or Mint (a refreshing surprise in the middle of a brownie).

Baking Supplies

Mix together all the brownie ingredients in a big mixing bowl.  Spray the appropriate size pan, and spoon in HALF of the brownie mixture on the bottom.  Cover the pan evenly.  Then, place rows of Oreos on top of the mix until entire surface area of pan becomes Oreos.  Then, scoop the remaining half of the brownie mix onto said Oreos, covering the cookies as you go.  Make sure to spoon mix gently into the spaces between Oreos.  Below, the left is the raw batter, and the right is how they come out of the oven! The circles make it super easy to cut evenly sized pieces, just slice in between the Oreos.  Pro tip: let the brownies cool for about 5 minutes before trying to cut.

How To

Remove from the pan.


Enjoy with some beautiful berries!



Nommin’ Out: Boundary Stone

1 Aug

Happyyyyyy Friday/ first day of August aka my Birthday Month! Thinking of having dinner in the District? You should head to Boundary Stone tonight.  For real, go.  Located on 1st st NE and Rhode Island Ave in Bloomingdale, this small low-key bar has been voted Reader’s Choice Best in DC for Best Neighborhood Bar, among other accolades.

It’s got a nice little patio for outdoor seating right on the sidewalk and a super fly exposed-brick interior (you can never go wrong with exposed brick).  My roommates and I made it a date night and HUSTLED on over to make sure we could partake in their sweet happy hour deal.  It lasts until 7pm and features several$3-$4 beers, red/white wine, margs, and $5 Honey Hot Wings! They were just delightful.

Honey Hot Wings


We also got their Crab Dip, as it was a splurge kind of evening (note the fries in the background).  It’s topped with an Old Bay infused oil & served with fresh baked bread.  And let me tell you, they do NOT skimp on the crab meat.  Straight up chunks mixed in with oozey cheese.  Behold the glory:

Crab Dip


Thennnn came the entrees.  Decisions were the Falafel wrap, the Bleu Burger, and the Bacon (Jam) Burger (which was obviously my decision).  Talk about delicious, and only $11!  It was cooked to absolute perfection and jam (get it!?)- packed with flavor.  I mean, come on, BACON JAM!

Falafel Wrap

Bacon Jam Burger

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And THEN (I know, there’s more), we got their salted caramel brownie sundae for dessert.  Best idea ever.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

3 and a half minutes later….

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We win!  And if you feel like continuing the evening with a hipster kind of vibe, walk right across the street to Showtime and grab a cold one.



Fall Dessert: Pumpkin S’more Cookies

25 Oct



So for the past two weeks running I have been the Fantasy Football office league loser (Calvin Johnson NEVER get hurt again please).  The punishment: bring in delicious treats for the office to enjoy.  Much to my chagrin, I had to get creative after buying Dunkin Donut’s Boston Cremes was deemed unacceptable.  I knew I wanted to do something pumpkin-inspired, and after some casual Pinteresting I found this recipe that not only includes S’MORES but requires DOUBLE THE COOKIE.  What’s not to love, and how good do these bad boys look?! Basically, buy a pack of cookie dough of your choosing.  I bought Nestle’s Pumpkin Break n Bakes for easy assembly.  Then buy Honey graham crackers, small marshmellows, and chocolate also of your choosing.  You could go with the classic Hershey’s, or the Godiva Sea Salt dark chocolate because I’m literally obsessed.

Directions: Take one cookie and flatten to palm size.  Break off a small piece of graham cracker (one that will fit in the middle of the flatten cookie), then place equally-sized piece of chocolate and top with marshmellow.  Flatten a second cookie, place on top of s’more, and mold so that the  bottom and top cookies entirely envelop the s’more.  Place cookies on a Pam-covered baking sheet with plenty of room- as you can see they grow to be quite massive.  Bake for roughly 17 minutes and check.  S’mores will peek through a bit but don’t panic! I recommend taking out when they are still a tad mushy, as the melted mellow will harden when they cool.  Add your favorite ice cream and EAT WHILE WARM AND GOOEY!!!

Oh and these were an office hit. FINALLY a win!


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