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Exciting News! My New Food Blog has Launched!

18 Oct

Hello old friends!

Forgive my silence for the past few years… working full time and going to grad school has not been kind to my free time 🙂

But, I sorely miss sharing all the things I cook, eat, and salivate over… and therefore, my sister Madison and I have decided to launch our very own joint food blog: The Dinna Ladies!  That means I am officially sunsetting the Nomming on a Budget blog… so you won’t see any more posts here.

Please take a moment to visit the site.  You can subscribe to receive new posts automatically– just enter your email on the right-hand side. We just launched this very morning, and will be posting roughly twice per week to make sure we have lots of content for you to peruse!

Want more? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@thedinnaladies) and email us at anytime @




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