I’m just a 20-something young professional in Washington, DC trying to navigate the qualms of adulthood.  One such qualm is making sure I have adequate/delicious sustenance without metaphorically torching the contents of my wallet.  But I love food.  Like,  LOVE IT.  I spend the majority of my time thinking about my next meal and perusing Buzzfeed articles.  I also spend a lot of time with people who love food too.   My girlfriends and I in college got really into using the word “NOM” to describe exquisite consumables, also known as Urban Dictionary’s December 10th, 2008 Word of the Day.   For example, “D-hall is featuring meatballs today?! NOM”.  Or “Can we make something nommy for dinner I’m starving”.  I have also been blessed with two parents who are just straight badasses in the kitchen and who have taken the time to show me a thing or two.  So with this blog I hope to share things I love to cook, things I wish I knew how to cook, things I eat at DC spots that are much better than I could ever cook, and all the while nommin’ on a $budget.  Enjoy!

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