Stackable Salads

5 May

Feliz cinco de mayo! Today I’m steering clear of Mexican-inspired cuisine, as I’m sure you’ve already indulged or are planning on it! This post is for lunch tomorrow, when you need a healthy kickstart after lots of guac and margs (two of my favorite things and totally worth the salt hangover).  The inspiration came from my roomie’s Pinterest board, since I have yet to take the Pinterest plunge and frankly don’t plan on it.  Thank goodness I have her to glean ideas from and pass them off as my own :).

I made this for lunch recently and it has now become a staple.  You may all be familiar with the age-old woe of packing a salad for lunch and gleefully opening the container at noon to find soggy lettuce or mushy ingredients.  Très depressing.  Solution: stackable salad! Layer ingredients according to consistency.  The dressing and other wet components go in the jar first to remain at the bottom. Next comes the protein/tofu/or what have you, since soaking them in dressing is actually a good thing.  Then come things like olives, artichokes, hearts of palm, and/or  roasted red peppers.  On top of those is your lighter ingredients, such as lettuce or spinach, cheese, and wasabi peas (such a delightful crunch).

picstitch (2)

Bring your jar to the office and  receive jealous side glances from coworkers.

photo (14)


I dumped the whole thing in a plastic container and walah; perfect salad!


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