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Guest Post: Sunday Cooking!

31 Mar

Alo alo again! I know, I’ve been a baddd blogger.  It’s been quite some time since my last post, but I have good excuses I promise.  I’ve been traveling a ton this past month, and was lucky enough to visit San Francisco, Spain, and Richmond, Virginia all in the past four weeks.  The trips were individually amazing and collectively helped define the best March ever.  Due to these distractions, my creative cooking game has been slacking to say the least.  That’s why today’s entry is a Guest Post!! I’m going to start Guest Post as a new series, much like the Nommin’ Out Edition.  I have some seriously talented friends when it comes to cuisine, so why not share their creations as well?  Today’s Guest Post is brought to you by my beautiful roommates, who get all the credit.  The recipes are perfect to make on a casual Sunday and are cheap, super healthy, and scrumptious.

Step one on a Sunday is of course to try to arise at a reasonable hour.  This is a weekly challenge for me.  But one Sunday I woke up to these:

Photo (5)

There are a total of four ingredients and take 15 minutes to make.  Pure protein and a surefire way to energize your Sunday for whatever activities you have scheduled.  Check out the recipe here:

The next recipe is definitely best made on a Sunday evening.  It’s a healthy version of a classic comfort food, but the preparation does require more time than you may want to allot on a weekday.  Helloooo leftovers for work week lunch!

Photo (3) Photo (2)

Recipe link:

I am one lucky roommate.  And now I’m hungry again.


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