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Fall Dessert: Pumpkin S’more Cookies

25 Oct



So for the past two weeks running I have been the Fantasy Football office league loser (Calvin Johnson NEVER get hurt again please).  The punishment: bring in delicious treats for the office to enjoy.  Much to my chagrin, I had to get creative after buying Dunkin Donut’s Boston Cremes was deemed unacceptable.  I knew I wanted to do something pumpkin-inspired, and after some casual Pinteresting I found this recipe that not only includes S’MORES but requires DOUBLE THE COOKIE.  What’s not to love, and how good do these bad boys look?! Basically, buy a pack of cookie dough of your choosing.  I bought Nestle’s Pumpkin Break n Bakes for easy assembly.  Then buy Honey graham crackers, small marshmellows, and chocolate also of your choosing.  You could go with the classic Hershey’s, or the Godiva Sea Salt dark chocolate because I’m literally obsessed.

Directions: Take one cookie and flatten to palm size.  Break off a small piece of graham cracker (one that will fit in the middle of the flatten cookie), then place equally-sized piece of chocolate and top with marshmellow.  Flatten a second cookie, place on top of s’more, and mold so that the  bottom and top cookies entirely envelop the s’more.  Place cookies on a Pam-covered baking sheet with plenty of room- as you can see they grow to be quite massive.  Bake for roughly 17 minutes and check.  S’mores will peek through a bit but don’t panic! I recommend taking out when they are still a tad mushy, as the melted mellow will harden when they cool.  Add your favorite ice cream and EAT WHILE WARM AND GOOEY!!!

Oh and these were an office hit. FINALLY a win!

Nommin’ Out: Wok and Roll

16 Oct

Wok n Roll

IT’S SUSHI WEDNESDAY!!! Or at least it should be.

Last Friday night I enjoyed my favorite sushi so far in the city- Wok and Roll Restaurant in Chinatown.  This place is smushed in between several other Chinese/Japanese combo restaurants directly around the corner from the Chinatown metro, just waiting for you to take a chance and stroll in.  The restaurant is a decent size with a bunch of round tables to accommodate bigger parties, such as last week’s two groups of Sake-bombing 20 somethings having the time of their life and simultaneously making me jump with every table BANG (no judgement- been there).  While appreciative of the ruckus, I needed to ignore the distraction and concentrate on the ENORMOUS menu in front of me. I couldn’t even deal with the Chinese menu and went right to the Sushi list- featuring appetizers, Nigri sushi, Sashimi, your standard rolls (such as Salmon and California), Spicy Rolls, and an extensive list of Specialty Rolls, the section in which my propensity for decisiveness meets a worthy challenge.  It’s no shock that the specialty rolls are pricey.  However, there are a handful under $10 that, begrudgingly, is not the common practice at DC sushi restaurants.  One roomie gambled on the costly Hawaiian Roll (pictured, top), which was everyone’s favorite and decidedly worth it.  The other decided on the Garden Roll- not on the standard menu but instead among yet another sea of options on an additional table pamphlet (pictured, bottom left).   I went with the colorful Rainbow Roll to fill my daily  omega-3 quota, along with the Shrimp Tempura roll (pictured, bottom right).  And guess what? THEY DELIVER! $15 minimum anytime between 11am and 10:30pm Monday through Thursday and Sunday, but until 12:45am on Friday and Saturday!! Get your late night nosh on.  Or at a normal time tonight. Whatever works.

More fun things to note: They have a Sake Bar, Karaoke, and a Happy Hour from 5-8pm Monday through Friday.

Additional location: 2400 18th St NW in Adams Morgan


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