Meager Mondays

16 Sep

Tuna Salad Mix


Meager (adjective): deficient in quantity or quality; lacking fullness or richness; scanty; inadequate.  No offense to all the canned tuna lovers out there- but by itself, canned tuna is probably as boring as it gets.  And it’s smelly.  However, I was on a mission to capitalize on my grocery’s cheap cans and make tuna less meager and more mouthwatering.  Solution: add in a ton of flavor and toss it in a protein-packed salad.  I for one am normally anti-mayo but pro-any other condiment, so I mixed in the tuna with some light mayo and dijon mustard (two to one ration of mustard to mayo) and then added lemon juice and oregano to give the tuna some pizzazz.  Rummaging in the fridge I found mixed greens, feta, and some leftover edamame to throw together a lunchtime salad.  Almonds provided the final protein crunch, and wallah! Super healthy, quick and easy salad to fuel your bod after what (I hope) was a wing and dip-filled football Sunday!


2 Responses to “Meager Mondays”

  1. hilmc October 25, 2013 at 6:21 pm #

    i like mayo


  1. Meager | janetkwest - June 4, 2014

    […] Meager Mondays […]

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