Nommin’ Out: Tonic Restaurant in Foggy Bottom

21 Jul

Tonic Restaurant and Bar

There were many reasons to celebrate last Friday.  1) I, along with 17 other peers, graduated from a two-year federal career program. 2) My New Yorker bestie, and fellow coworker, was in town, and 3) TGIF.  Our program managers opted to have our lunch celebration at Tonic, a casual, reasonably-priced gem in Foggy Bottom.  Standing three stories tall, the restaurant was originally opened in 1891 as a pharmacy named Quigely’s. Tonic has preserved the building’s historic memory with the tagline “Cure what ails you”, which is a perfectly apt description of the rich menu and friendly service.

Upon arriving with a reservation for 23 people, we were promptly escorted to a section on the second floor featuring small tables and long wooden benches.  Each bench is given several cups of multi-colored crayons to help adorn the already-rainbowed exposed brick wall.  Our waitress was friendly and patient as we all perused a diverse menu.  I settled on the Old Bay Salmon Burger ($13), which came with either a mesclun salad or a healthy portion of tater tots.  My peers ordered other burgers and sandwiches, all of which were enormous and absolutely delicious.  This restaurant is a must for a casual lunch, and I hear they also have a nommable brunch menu!

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