Sweet Potato Extravaganza!

10 Jul

Photo (9)

So I work from home a lot.  Some days it is terribly lonely/boring, but one of the major upsides is I have the time, equipment, and ingredients to make some epic lunches.  Featured here is the miracle Sweet Potato, which according to this article have some amazing health properties.  I’m lazy and I love these, so I usually buy the microwavable ones you can find at Harris Teeter or Giant for a couple buckaroos (approx $2 each).  In 6-8 minutes, voila you have a piping hot fiber-filled veggie ready to go.  Today I used leftover cous cous from my previous post, threw in some feta, a rapidly ripening avocado ($1-2 each at Target, fa real), edamame hummus, and mustard.  Now, obviously, most of you are like, “um ew what”.  I have an eclectic taste in condiments and just love to get them all up in there.  I will however allow you to make whatever sweet potato extravaganza you so choose!

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