Chicken, Quinoa & Zucchini Bowl

8 Jul

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What is a better/easier way to dine in the sweet summertime than a massive bowl of grilled goodness??  The key ingredients: a healthy starch, protein, and veggies.  For this week’s Grill Bowl, I purchased one box of cous cous (comes in several flavors, like Rosemary & Olive Oil), two chicken breasts, one small yellow zucchini, and one small green zucchini.  All simple and very affordable.

Grill Instructions:

-Slice and dice the two zucchinis how you like.  Cut in long, thick strips if you are going to lay them directly on the grill.  Dice up in chunks if you  have a grill pan.  Thinly coat with olive oil, salt/pepper those bad boys, and grill for a 5 minutes or until soft.

-Choose your favorite grill rub (I use three different ones usually- hint: one is LOTS OF GARLIC POWDER).  Coat chicken with rub and toss on the grill (high heat).  Grill 3 minutes each side or until tender pink.

Assembling the Grill Bowl:

Cook cous cous as instructed on back of the box. Dice up grilled chicken and zucchini.  I threw in some Feta cheese I had in the fridge, some wasabi peas (a casual addiction of mine, buy them at Harris Teeter!), and tossed the mix with a light greek vinaigrette also hiding in the fridge door. Bon appetit!! Share the Grill Bowl with 1-2 other pals and enjoy the summertime goodness!

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